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Delight Your Guests

Insights let you deliver the ultimate personalized experience



Fast, reliable guest wireless is essential for today’s hospitality industry, But IT Dynamics solutions offer so much more, like out-of-the-box location analytics to better understand guest behaviour and foot traffic; full stack offerings to easily manage all components of your network from a single, web-based dashboard.


Meraki For Hospitality:

Location Analytics

Built-in location analytics lets you easily gauge guest foot traffic, dwell time, and repeat visits across hotel properties or within specific areas inside buildings. Quickly answer questions like:

  • How many guests use your fitness facilities on a daily basis? Are gyms more popular at certain hotel properties?

  • How long did guests spend at the lobby bar this past week, and how many spent over an hour at the hotel restaurant last Thursday?

  • How many guests return to the same property on a weekly basis and should be targeted for VIP offers or promotions?



The MR30H AP comes with an integrated Bluetooth radio that can receive or advertise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, allowing seamless integration with third-party applications designed to interact with battery-powered — or wearable — Bluetooth tags.


Guest Wifi

  • Best-in-class, 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless with gigabit throughput? Check.

  • Multi-user MIMO architecture to support multiple client devices simultaneously? Check.

  • Slim and svelte aesthetics? Check.

  • Isolated, secure guest WiFi in 3 dashboard clicks? Check.

  • Enterprise-grade security and authentication? Check.

  • Layer 7 traffic shaping to easily throttle, block, or prioritize applications and prevent bandwidth hogs? Double-check.

Meraki Case study For Hospitality

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Ruckus For Hospitality


Today’s business and leisure travelers are more tech-savvy than ever and expect high-speed Internet connectivity for their smart devices everywhere. 83 percent of hotel guests take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, and 36 percent won’t rebook if they had one. If your guests can’t get a fast, reliable Internet connection, they will not likely come back. Ruckus’ wired and wireless solutions are the gold standard for hoteliers worldwide.


Fortinet For Hospitality

Enabling Hospitality Cybersecurity Without Impacting Quality of Guest Experience

The hospitality industry comprises a significant portion of global GDP, making it a prime target for attackers. It thus is no surprise that hospitality organizations face unique challenges in the protection of their networks and sensitive data. As organizations increasingly deploy internet-connected devices and services to improve guest experiences, the complexity of protecting the network against cyber threats grows. Loss or degradation of service on the company website, guest wireless network, or other services could result in poor reviews or lost bookings.

Meeting Area
Image by henry perks
Heat Maps

With uploaded floor plans, it’s easy to visualize trends in guest density over time, allowing you to make more informed staffing decisions for your front desk, poolside, or spa facilities.

Improve Guest Experiences...

Hospitality organizations are also required to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Unlike retail providers, who require access to payment card data for only a moment to verify a sale, hospitality organizations must store and protect guests’ information from the time a reservation is made through the end of their visit, which can be weeks or months.

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