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Enterprise Networking Solutions By Fortinet

Secure Ethernet Switching Overview

Legacy Ethernet LANs face many challenges including exponential growth in devices and applications, increased throughput demands from wireless LANs, and complex security implementations. Rather than asking how to secure traditional Ethernet LANs, Fortinet takes a security centric approach offering Ethernet as an extension of the security infrastructure through FortiSwitch and FortiLink. FortiSwitch offers a broad portfolio of secure, simple, and scalable Ethernet switches ideal for Secure SD-Branch and applications ranging from desktop to data center.

Secure Ethernet Switching Product Details

Fortinet’s Ethernet switches can be managed standalone or integrate directly into the Fortinet

Security Fabric via the FortiLink protocol.

FortiLink is a key supporting technology of the FortiSwitch,

that enable its ports to become extensions of the FortiGate security appliance.

When connected via FortiLink the security polices of the FortiSwitch can mirror the

FortiGate making Firewall interfaces and Switch ports equally secure.

Centralized management through the FortiGate simplifies deployment and provisioning of

FortiSwitch with no touch auto-discovery, one click VLAN and security policy assignment.

With an integrated access layer.


The FortiGate provides consolidated visibility and reporting easing management

and troubleshooting. Lastly, FortiLink enables stacking of up to 300 switches per FortiGate,

depending on the model. All of these features are included and have no licensing fee.

Wireless Management

Protection where your networks are most vulnerable

FortiGate Integrated Controller
  • Single pane-of-glass for network security and wireless access

  • Tight integration with Fortinet's Security Fabric

  • No extra licenses necessary

Cloud AP Management
  • Hosted cloud solution available anywhere anytime

  • Scalable to the size of your network

Dedicated Controller

  • Dedicated hardware to manage your wireless

  • Perfect for dense, complex and large scale deployments

Electronic Board

Superior density, scalability, and mobility

Handle even the most complex RF environments.

Protection for sensitive data and help to meet compliance

Built in compliance reporting and management removes the guesswork.

Multiple deployment options for management of your RF challenges

Deploy the network that will work best for your environment.

Simplified deployment and capacity expansion

Scalability from 1 to 10,000 APs

A range of platforms for any sized deployment.

Wireless device locationing tools included with no additional licenses.

Features & Benefits

No licenses

to manage,

just plug

and go...

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