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Education Sector:

A shifting landscape for job markets and skills. New models of teaching and learning.

Barriers to access, a human-centered academic experience, and student engagement.

Resource constraints and mounting security threats.

Staying on top of the evolving education environment takes a lot of work.

But educators are a passionate group motivated by a deeper mission to equip all students to reach their full potential.

To empower education in today’s world, you need a solid technology foundation that helps you deliver on this mission

and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

That’s where IT Dynamics comes in.

Cisco Meraki For Education:

Connect Your Classrooms

Cisco Meraki is redefining education by providing IT teams with the networking infrastructure they need to support students

and teachers in a constantly evolving classroom environment.

Schools of all sizes can improve student learning with reliable wired connections and always-on wireless coverage,

while giving IT peace of mind with easy to deploy physical and network security.

Cisco Meraki Case Study Click Here

Cisco WebEx For Education:

From Static Individuals to Active Teammates


Gone are the days when going to class meant simply sitting, listening, taking notes, and studying for an exam. Today's learning environments need to offer so much more. They need to be personalized and to provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with peers and experts around the world. Physical and virtual learning spaces need to be connected around tools that facilitate project-based learning and sharing between individuals and teams. Seamlessly, so they are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. In class. At home. In the library. Even on the bus. Your students need space to learn together. The More Intuitive Way to Learn Cisco makes learning what it should be - intuitive. Students and teachers connect without effort. Tools adapt, so classes don't have to. Experiences stay consistent on every device so every classmate feels fully included. Content moves freely so instruction flows smoothly. And the learning continues, even after class ends. With Cisco Webex™, students and educators can meet, create, and communicate anytime, anywhere, and on any device. All in one continuous workstream: before, during, and after class.

Cisco WebEx Case Study Click Here

Cisco Is an Education Company

Cisco has a long, strong history in education and commitment to driving student outcomes.

We design technology to boost student achievement. We partner with universities to drive innovation and train future leaders.

We volunteer in schools around the world to give back and to support a culture of creative learning.

We make it our mission to help students everywhere learn without limits


VMWARE For Education:

Technology Can Remove Barriers to Better Learning

Accelerate the digital transformation and positively impact both student learning and IT budgets with VMware.

Build a modern enterprise IT architecture to improve student and faculty experiences.

Deliver the broadest set of applications and digital content to students while strengthening data security.

Support Limitless Learning with Modern, Mobile, and Secure Education IT Solutions

Enable a complete digital campus with a hybrid cloud, software-defined data center, and digital workspace technologies from VMware.

With an integrated, mobile-ready, agile, and secure IT infrastructure, you’ll be positioned to securely deliver new models of learning.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson
Teacher Helping Student
Can Remove
Barriers to Better Learning
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