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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)


Platform architecture

This is the first solution to use the HyperFlex Application Platform architecture, an application-defined approach to support your current needs and evolve to support your future needs. The platform is application defined in the sense that it puts your workloads first and adapts its resources to best support them.


The platform integrates the computing, storage, and networking resources to eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone process of integrating a set of hardware and software components and installing and configuring layers of software. Once the foundation is laid, the platform can intelligently optimize itself through insight into

HyperFlex Edge with Cisco SD-WAN.


Today, the Internet is your WAN. This is good and bad news. The good news is there are lots of available networks. The challenge is how you deploy and secure branch offices without throttling your users and applications? What you need is an integrated, single solution engineered for the modern branch—a way to securely deploy and remotely manage branch offices, in a repeatable way, without needing skilled staff on site.


Our integrated, software-defined branch solution combines Cisco Hyperflex Edge with Cisco SD-WAN. The solution delivers computing, storage, routing, and switching to your remote and branch offices with integrated network services and security.


Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform for Containers

Economical, agile, and ready for the future

The HyperFlex Application Platform for Containers is a ready-to-consume Kubernetes containers-as-a-service (CaaS) platform that balances the need for increased application release velocity with the traditional IT needs for reduced cost and complexity.

It is a fully integrated solution that supports every infrastructure layer needed to support modern microservices applications. The platform’s physical layer and software stack is managed by Cisco Intersight. It handles application platform cluster management and the virtual machines needed to support the Kubernetes environment.


This solution integrates network and security services with your computing and storage platform.

Cisco HyperFlex Edge

HyperFlex Edge delivers the computing and storage flexibility you need at the edge. You can start small with a two-node cluster and expand as your business requires. These systems support either 1- or 10-Gbps networking.

Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco SD-WAN helps manage connectivity across your WAN from a single dashboard with greater speed, reliability, and efficiency. It combines software-defined efficiency and flexibility with unparalleled security and visibility across your Internet-based WAN. It provides optimal connectivity to your users and a comprehensive security platform to harden your network.

Cisco Intersight and Cisco vManage

The Cisco Intersight platform enables you to remotely deploy branch offices at scale with consistency and efficiency. Once your systems are deployed Cisco Intersight delivers intelligent management and automated nondisruptive upgrades. Cisco vManage software enables you to quickly establish connection to your data center and cloud services with improved network speed, security, and efficiency.

Software-defined branch Solution

With Cisco HyperFlex Edge running Cisco SD-WAN, managed together through Cisco Intersight and Cisco vManage, you can deploy branch office infrastructure at every site with efficiency and complete consistency. Now you can deploy, manage, and secure your remote and branch offices quick and easy.

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